Went to Dalston Kingsland to get my hair did today and brought my camera along, I’ve been told to go over there because the style was banging! I got a little selection but didn’t have as much time as I had 6 odd hours of sitting down whilst my hair was being braided/twisted 





11.Apr.14 6 days ago
list five things you love about yourself?:)) tryna spread the self love ps i think your hair is beautiful! xxx

my ambition

my drive

my influence *ability to inspire* 

my body

my strength- physically and mentally 

thank you so much!

07.Apr.14 1 week ago



I’ve just ented the Company Magazine are hosting their style blogger awards with Missguided and I’ve decided to give it a shot. I’d love for you guys to nominate me, if you could nominate me as the ‘Best Fashion blog, in association with Missguided’ if you think I deserve the nomination! It takes no time at all to vote - all you do is go to and fill out the short entry form with my Tumblr URL: 

If you choose to nominate me, please drop me a message saying so, I’d love to send my thanks to you! Love you guys! xxx

06.Apr.14 1 week ago